About Us

Autoharp Luthier, Jeff Dantzler began Harp Dr in 2000 when he got hooked on the autoharp after buying one online that needed a lot of work.  He quickly learned how to optimize harps to sound and play their best as well as mastering diatonic setups, specialty harps and more.  He seemed to have a natural ability for harp setup and for helping people have the best harp they could.  Jeff prides himself on doing quality work and hearing how much better each harp sounds after proper setup.

     Over the years Jeff has done hundreds of custom setup, vintage and new Oscar-Schmidt and Chromaharp, as well custom built harps and guitaros.

     Jeff lives on family land in a small town in the country with his wife and 3 sons; ages 17, 13, and 10.  He does harp work in his work shop that he helped his grandpa build back in 1986.

In addition to Harp Dr, Jeff is a full time computer tech and part time music director at his church.

Easter 2012

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